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Property Development & Construction

A property is just as great as the skills of those who work on it. Needless to say, erecting a structure of lumber, brick, concrete and steel from the ground up is no easy feat. And it’s not just about constructing a building, at least not when you hire us. Matthew Grant Realty Corp. offers a comprehensive property development and construction service built upon its resiliency and excellence. We’re driven by passion just as much as we are by experience. Our team and partners take pride in what they do and handle every real estate project with extreme diligence. We collaborate with industry-leading professionals to ensure that your property is not only aesthetic but structurally robust.

Personalization At Its Core

Every owner has a vision for their ideal property. From the paint on the wall to the landscape design, we stick to your preferences. Our highly dynamic business model allows us to complement what you have in mind with superior quality materials. Rest assured we’re the kind of people you can count on! So, let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Custom Homes


Want to live in your dream home but can’t find any premade residential units that speak to your soul? Let Matthew Grant Realty Corp design and build a custom home for you instead. As homeowners ourselves, we understand how important it is to live in a space that truly feels yours. And with the best engineers, architects, and contractors on board, you’re bound to be satisfied.




Constructing multiple structures via land division is best left to professionals who know what they’re doing. At Matthew Grant Realty Corp, we’re experts in our domain and well trained at constructing awe-inspiring sub-divisions.


Low and Mid-Rise Residential


All residential units are unique and thus, require a diverse approach to construction. From low rise to mid-rise, we do it all. Whether you need us to build a two-story home for your big family or a low-rise house for just you, our professionals won’t disappoint. From using the right materials to deploying innovative techniques, we bring an impressive combination of the two to guarantee a smile on your face.


Please note that Matthew Grant Realty Corp. collaborates with other experienced firms in the industry to handle larger projects. We understand that each project is exclusive, which is why we never use a one size fits all strategy. Our solutions are highly bespoke and streamlined through a step-by-step approach whereby the initial consultation allows us to gauge the scope of client needs with precision.

Personalizain At Its Core
Custom Homs
Low & Mid-Rise Residential
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