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Property Management

Managing a property is riddled with complexities. As the owner, you already have other things to look over so why not leave property management to us? We are a team of industry-leading professionals known for their experience in managing a range of properties. Our services are led by sheer skill and professionalism. After all, Matthew Grant Realty Corp. has been dominating the scene for a long time and is, thus, fully equipped to satisfy its client base. Rest assured, we do everything to take the burden off your shoulders.

Coordinating Repairs

From appliances to electronics, everything gives in to the test of time. The value of your property must be retained, regardless, which is why we take over the task of all rounding repairs. No matter the problem, our technicians will deliver quick and efficient solutions so your tenants are never inconvenienced.

Issuing Notices

Nobody likes to serve notices but it has to be done! So, save yourself the inconvenience and hire Matthew Grant Realty to take care of this part of property management.

Planning Renovations

Want to add a modern touch to your old building? Be it an apartment complex or a house, we’ve got you covered! Our skilled specialists will plan renovations and oversee implementation with complete care.

Landscaping & Snow Removal

Your beautiful properties deserve the best and we’re not the type to skimp on the details. Our professionals work diligently to manage and maintain every aspect of the landscape and interior.

Disputes & Conflicts

You’ve set certain standards for your building and every tenant should follow them. However, not all tenants are as compliant as should be. That’s where we come in! Our stringent policies and no-excuse approach ensure that your tenants never give you any trouble. And in case there is a dispute, we handle it from start to finish.

Handling Rent Collection

Don’t hassle yourself with pesky rent collections. When you have our professionals on your side, they will make sure that every tenant pays rent on time and in full.


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